guns and weapons

Weapons & Tactics

Gun. Knife. Bomb. Vehicle-Ramming. Suicide Attack. Mixed Method Assault. Terrorists face a variety of choices when it comes to weapons and tactics. Learn more about trade-offs and specific preferences.

Sentinel Articles

Avoiding Suicide Terrorism in Bangladesh
Deconstructing Ibn Taymiyya’s Views on Suicidal Missions
Exploiting the Fears of Al-Qa`ida’s Leadership
After Action Report: COIN Operations in Rutbah, Iraq
The Pakistan Army and its Role in FATA
Shifting Trends in Suicide Attacks
Violent Trends in Algeria Since 9/11
Preparing the Mujahidin
Curtailing Illicit and Terrorist Activity in Algeria’s Tamanrasset
Abu Yahya al-Libi’s “Human Shields in Modern Jihad”

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