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Strategy, History, & Goals

Ends, ways, and means. Terrorist organizations are familiar with these concepts and the development of strategy too. Over the course of our history the CTC has studied and released reports and articles about terrorist goals and strategy. Browse the content below to learn more.

Sentinel Articles

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The Islamic State’s Shadow Governance in Eastern Syria Since the Fall of Baghuz
After Prigozhin: The Future of the Wagner Model in Africa
CTC-ICT Focus on Israel: In Word and Deed? Global Jihad and the Threat to Israel and the Jewish Community
The Russian Imperial Movement in the Ukraine Wars: 2014-2023


Beyond Soleimani: Implications for Iran’s Proxy Network in Iraq and Syria
Burying the Lede: The Islamic State Downsizes?
An Idea or a Threat? Islamic State Jammu & Kashmir
The Islamic State Returns to Fallujah

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