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Operations, Plots & Attacks

Learn more about specific terrorist operations, plots, and attacks through the case studies, profiles, and lessons learned articles that we have produced.

Sentinel Articles

The April 2020 Islamic State Terror Plot Against U.S. and NATO Military Bases in Germany: The Tajik Connection
Outlasting the Caliphate: The Evolution of the Islamic State Threat in Africa
Twenty Years after the USS Cole Attack: The Search for Justice
Jihadi Insurgency in Mozambique Grows in Sophistication and Reach
The Islamic State’s Strategic Trajectory in Africa: Key Takeaways from its Attack Claims
The Threat from Europe’s Jihadi Prisoners and Prison Leavers
Reviewing Iran’s Proxies by Region: A Look Toward the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa
The Controller: How Basil Hassan Launched Islamic State Terror into the Skies
Remaining and Expanding: The Recovery of Islamic State Operations in Iraq in 2019-2020
The 2017 Manchester Bombing and the British-Libyan Jihadi Nexus

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