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AP Cites Erich Marquardt on Al-Qa`ida
In an article titled “Al Qaeda Recruits Foreign Jihadi Fighters for Afghan War,” the Associated Press cites the CTC’s Erich...
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The Terrorists’ Paper Trail in Iraq
More than 600 captured personnel files of foreigners who joined the terrorist group known as Al Qaeda in Iraq tell...
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Papers Paint Portrait of Iraq’s Foreign Insurgents
Muhammad Ayn-al-Nas, a 26-year-old Moroccan, started his journey in Casablanca. After flying to Turkey and then to Damascus, he reached...
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Inside Terrorism
Learn more about Dr. Bruce Hoffman’s classic book on terrorism by clicking on the following link, or by reading the...
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Al-Qaida Records Disclose Group’s Strategy
Vahid Brown, Research Associate at the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point, discusses his recent study on al-Qaida, which draws...
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What to Do About Pixels of Hate
One by one, starting a few weeks ago, 40 militant Islamist Web sites got knocked off the Internet. Gone were...
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