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Newsweek article cites Sentinel editor
On 14 June, Newsweek published an article titled “Jihadist Made Ricin With Web-Bought Castor Bean Seeds, Police Say,” which featured...
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Using the Carrot as the Stick: U.S. Foreign Aid and the Effectiveness of Sanctions Threats
CTC South Asia expert Dr. Amira Jadoon has a forthcoming article co-authored with Bryan Early in Foreign Policy Analysis entitled...
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CTC Sentinel editor featured in new CNN documentary
On 25 May, CNN will broadcast an hour-long documentary by Christiane Amanpour about Aimen Dean, a former jihadist and member of...
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CDT David Weinmann is the CTC’s Cadet of the Month for May 2018
Meet CDT David Weinmann, the CTC Cadet of the Month for May 2018. The Firstie from Hercules, California, has focused his...
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10th Annual FDNY-CTC Crisis Simulation Exercise
In mid-April 2018, the Combating Terrorism Center marked the 10th Annual FDNY-CTC Crisis Simulation Exercise held at FDNY headquarters in...
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CDT Ekaterin Gjonaj is the CTC’s Cadet of the Month for April 2018
Meet CDT Ekaterin Gjonaj, the CTC Cadet of the Month for April 2018. At West Point, CDT Gjonaj is an...
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West Point magazine features CTC in cover article
West Point magazine, a publication of the West Point Association of Graduates, featured the Combating Terrorism Center in the cover...
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U.S. Army makes leveraging CTC its antiterrorism quarterly theme
Earlier this month, the U.S. Army Office of the Provost Marshal General announced the U.S. Army’s antiterrorism theme for 3Q/FY18 is...
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