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The Combating Terrorism Center is dedicated to understanding the intellectual underpinnings of the terrorist threats facing our nation and is uniquely situated at the nexus of theory and practice. By combining practitioners with world class academics, the center provides policy-relevant, academically rigorous, and theoretically sound research and instruction. The Center’s credibility stems not only from the quality of its products, but also from its independent voice. On behalf of the Combating Terrorism Center and the West Point Association of Graduates, we offer our thanks for the support provided by the following individuals and entities to fighting terrorism.

To learn more about the Combating Terrorism Center please see the recent article about our Center, which was featured in the Spring 2017 issue of West Point Magazine.

If you are interested in learning how to support this margin of excellence, please see the link below to contact a representative from the West Point, Association of Graduates.

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Margin of Excellence Supporters

Principal Supporters

photo of Mr. Vinnie Viola
Mr. Vinnie Viola, Class of 1977

The Combating Terrorism Center would not be in existence without the enduring support of Mr. Vinnie Viola. Mr. Viola’s leadership and commitment is indispensable to the Center’s ability to study the terrorist threat, provide a world-class education program to cadets and government partners working counterterrorism matters, and shape the outcomes of national policy. Since the inception of the Center, Mr. Viola’s guidance and support have played a primary role in allowing the Center to cultivate the expertise and depth of the staff and products. Whether in the educational or research sphere, the Center continues to provide academically-sound and rigorous products and training that would not be possible without our independent ability.

USMA insignia
West Point Class of 1977

The West Point Class of 1977 has chosen to endow the Director of Terrorism Studies for the Center. The Director of Terrorism Studies, currently held by Dr. Arie Perliger, is responsible for managing and developing the academic and professional components of the “Terrorism Studies” minor program and educational initiatives for cadets. Dr. Perliger manages a variety of extracurricular opportunities to promote and further elevate cadet scholarship in the context of terrorism and counterterrorism matters, while complementing the cadets’ academic training and enabling the formation of a community of young counterterrorism professionals. The Center is grateful for the vision of the Class of ’77 to endow a position that is critical to educating the cadets and our Army’s future leaders.

photo of George Gilmore
Mr. George Gilmore, Class of 1971

Mr. George Gilmore has graciously funded two Endowments for the Center; the Senior Fellow Endowment and the Elizabeth Ann Gilmore Scholars Endowment.

USMA insignia
West Point Class of 1971

The West Point Class of 1971 has chosen to endow a Senior Fellow Position for the Center. The Senior Fellows Endowment has allowed the Center to hire Dr. Michele Malvesti as a senior fellow to compliment the full-time Center staff. The senior fellow plays a critical role for the Center across all three pillars – education, research and policy advisement. The Center is committed to providing the highest quality of education to the West Point cadets and Dr. Malvesti enables this continued excellence with her depth of knowledge, experience, and opportunities she shares with the Center. The Center is grateful for the vision of the Class of ’71 to endow a position that is critical to educating the cadets our Army’s future leaders.

Morgan Stanley

The generosity of Morgan Stanley to the Combating Terrorism Center has enabled a variety of projects and initiatives. The support that Morgan Stanley provides allows the Center’s research and cadet education programs to flourish, providing the opportunity for Center staff to complete research projects and provide cadets and West Point faculty access to guest speakers with expertise in the realm of Counterterrorism and National Security matters. The capability and autonomous aptitude of the Center is enhanced by the flexibility and opportunities made possible by Morgan Stanley’s continued support.

Primary Supporters

The following individuals and organizations have all generously supported the Center and enabled the continued training and research initiatives to flourish. Their support allows for us to rigorously study the phenomenon of terrorism, educate and advise our nation’s current and future leaders, and protect the American public from the transnational terrorism threat that the nation continues to face in the 21st century. The Center is thankful for their continued support and commitment.

Ralph Adams

Russell Bundy

Thomas and Caren Kilgore

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

West Point Class of 1984

Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation

Charles Chitty

Occidental Petroleum Corporation

Thomas Sullivan

West Point Class of 2001

Norman and Irma Braman

Hjalma Johnson

Carlton Savory

Stephen Saldanha

Bill Heavener

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